Monday, 18 June 2012

Saturday Night in Rio

We wanted to keep pretty close to our hostel, to explore what was near to us and also so that if Anna started to feel tired we could easily walk her home.

We headed out for a nice dinner at a place which was recommended to us and was about a 20 second walk from the hostel. Again VV and I ordered seafood, this time in a pasta which was just as delicious! Anna had a bit of a nightmare though as she ordered garlic chicken - sounded lovely on the menu. Well it turned up and was just a HUGE pile of deep fried chicken with chunks of garlic sprinkled on top. Def not the most appetising at all!

After dinner we went for a few local drinks near the main 'Ipanema strip' by the hostel. Obviously more Caipirinhas flowed and strangely we also ended up having some German beer in a little quirky bar.

We all rolled back to the hostel a little tipsy, excited about waking up to our first full day in Rio.