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Croc & Crocs

On day 2 of being in San Cristobal - I went to a nearby Canyon to do a bit of croc spotting...

The scenery was amazing around the canyon and we actually managed to see some crocs - although they were really hard to spot. Sorry for stating the obvious but camouflage really is incredible!

That evening headed out for some dinner with the ladies in my dorm - really sweet Australian's Sara & Gia.
San Cristobal is known for being quite a hippy town (there was a random dance competition taking place in the square!) so we headed to a little cafe place that had 'live music' which was pretty cool, although it was kinda more like poetry reading to a guitar!
Once we had settled there we realised that almost every person in the cafe had dreads & was wearing Crocs - hell!
Someone even in Orange Crocs - worse than hell!


Decorations everywhere!

More and more Day of the Dead decorations are appearing everywhere and people in San Cristobal are making a real effort lining the town with streamers across every street!

Even more impressive are the homemade decorations. Check out this skeleton woman which was made by a shop owner out of only paper mâché then painted!! Walked past him a couple of times throughout the day to check out his progress...


San Cristobal

After a long & hungover bus ride (13 hours I think!) I crossed region into Chiapas and arrived in the picturesque and mountainous town of San Cristobal.

The town sits at 1900m above sea level which is amazing for the views, however not so amazing temperatures at night. On my first night it reached 0, which is fur coat weather and I only have a cardigan!

Chiapas still has a very high population of Mayans and within the region they speak something like over 15 languages, incredible!
Although also nightmare when I'm still trying to brush up on my Spanish let alone Tzotzil!

The women still wear very traditional dress across the city which was really interesting to see - haven't got any photos as they find people taking photos offensive, but wish I could have! Amy, you would have loved them, the colours and patterns were amazing!

So I spent my first day wandering the colonial town and taking in the views and culture (well trying anyway!)

WARNING more photos of buildings & churches below!

The last one shows San Cristobals answer to Oxford Street!


Points of interest

Things called fanny are always interesting to G.O.T


Points of interest

The Mexican answer to Vodka Rev's - not sure you can use your discount and membership here though Lors & Holly!


Points of interest

Anna Babylon, this ones for you...


Raggae Party

Forgot to say, also went to an amazing party on the beach with everyone from the Mondala hostel (which was $50 pesos a night - about £2!) whilst in Escondido!

The setting was amazing and there were even fire dancers & eaters...

Not so amazing was the amount of mosquito bits I an now covered in - MEGA itchy!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Puerto Escondido...

Was my next stop (about a 10 hr bus ride from Oaxaca) and is notorious for surfing as it's on the Pacific Coast. It's a classic beach town with different parties every night and people selling 'juicy melons' on the beach! For a while it felt like Girls on Tour holiday times!!

So naturally I enrolled in surf school! 

Anyone that's heard how bad I was at this in Oz will be amused to hear that I went back for round 2 I'm sure! Anyway this time I did pretty good (apart from walking off the board a few times and almost hitting a few boats). I managed to stand up a couple of times and got my balance which is more difficult than it looks. It's also bloody hard work, was shattered after a few hours!

Think I need a few more lessons to work on my tekkers (Olive), but confident that when I come back I will be not only a National Wrestling Champ for Mexico but also a World Ranking Surfer!


P.s. My camera wouldn't let me upload the original photo so I had to take a photo of the photo on my iPhone!

Monday, 24 October 2011


So after Mexico City I headed to Oaxaca which is an amazing authentic old school Mexican city...

Spent Saturday wandering around town & the Zocalo before heading to a locals market which was an experience in itself!

Just a few photos to show the mood of the city...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day of Dead & Chocolate

A couple of other things that Oaxaca is famous for...

Day of the Dead (1st & 2nd November) The orangey photo was taken in a 'Day of the Dead' specific part of the market - crazy! Shows how into Halloween and Day of the Dead they are. Decoration of the city has already started and the streets are filled with orange & black decorations covered in skulls! Apparently the street parties are amazing and last for 3 days!

Chocolate is the other thing that Oaxaca specialises in... They make pure dark chocolate in little shops and sell it in thousands of flavours. Naturally I tasted each flavour at least 3 times before not buying anything!


Friday, 21 October 2011


Today also provided another wow, by the many many flavours of local Mezcal tequila on offer - including straight out of the distiller at over 60% proof - that was interesting at 11am!


P.s. Spot the typical looking Mexican man complete with Tash & hat!

Hierve El Aqua

Today has been the first day I've been 'wow'ed by my surroundings... The photos will show the view but it was more the feeling of complete calm and serenity that being there gives you, almost dream like


Mexico City

Couple of snaps to sum up Mexico City... There are ALOT of churches to visit - some of the most religious ones in Mexico.

People queue for hours in one church (that was built in the 70s and looks nothing like a church!) to stand on a conveyor belt past a picture of Virgin Mary for about 3 seconds!

Monday, 17 October 2011


So arrived safely in Mexico City after being up for over 24 hours and covering god knows how many different time zones - shattered does not cover it! Sure I was sleeping with my mouth open on the plane ala Glasto though Roge!

Due to general drowsiness went straight to bed, but now up nice & early to go and explore (and maybe drink some early morning tequila!)

2 little extra things to let you know that I've done inspired by Olive:

- Started my stop watch exactly as I stepped off the plane in Mexico to see exactly how long I am away for! Although Olive does it still count when your phone is off??!

-Throughout my trip I am going to add every time zone that I pass through in order in the world clock on my phone. Although looking at it right now is just making me more tired and I've only got London, Atlanta & Mexico!

Anyway Patron here I come



And so it begins...

As my first official blog post (ever!) I felt quite pressured to write and say only witty and amusing things to get the ball rolling.

However after much deliberation (and what felt like a lack of anything funny to say!) I decided to just crack straight on with the important messages which you need to know before my trip really begins:

- This is my travel blog. It does what it says on the tin, so if you want to know what I'm up to, check it out every now and again!

- Accompanying me on this trip is a finger puppet Llama - if you see many many photos with the llama, don't be alarmed, it's normal (I promise!)

- But perhaps even more importantly than those is a 'Thank You' message to VV for designing and getting me set up and started into the world of blogging.