Sunday, 30 October 2011

Croc & Crocs

On day 2 of being in San Cristobal - I went to a nearby Canyon to do a bit of croc spotting...

The scenery was amazing around the canyon and we actually managed to see some crocs - although they were really hard to spot. Sorry for stating the obvious but camouflage really is incredible!

That evening headed out for some dinner with the ladies in my dorm - really sweet Australian's Sara & Gia.
San Cristobal is known for being quite a hippy town (there was a random dance competition taking place in the square!) so we headed to a little cafe place that had 'live music' which was pretty cool, although it was kinda more like poetry reading to a guitar!
Once we had settled there we realised that almost every person in the cafe had dreads & was wearing Crocs - hell!
Someone even in Orange Crocs - worse than hell!