Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Puerto Escondido...

Was my next stop (about a 10 hr bus ride from Oaxaca) and is notorious for surfing as it's on the Pacific Coast. It's a classic beach town with different parties every night and people selling 'juicy melons' on the beach! For a while it felt like Girls on Tour holiday times!!

So naturally I enrolled in surf school! 

Anyone that's heard how bad I was at this in Oz will be amused to hear that I went back for round 2 I'm sure! Anyway this time I did pretty good (apart from walking off the board a few times and almost hitting a few boats). I managed to stand up a couple of times and got my balance which is more difficult than it looks. It's also bloody hard work, was shattered after a few hours!

Think I need a few more lessons to work on my tekkers (Olive), but confident that when I come back I will be not only a National Wrestling Champ for Mexico but also a World Ranking Surfer!


P.s. My camera wouldn't let me upload the original photo so I had to take a photo of the photo on my iPhone!