Monday, 17 October 2011


So arrived safely in Mexico City after being up for over 24 hours and covering god knows how many different time zones - shattered does not cover it! Sure I was sleeping with my mouth open on the plane ala Glasto though Roge!

Due to general drowsiness went straight to bed, but now up nice & early to go and explore (and maybe drink some early morning tequila!)

2 little extra things to let you know that I've done inspired by Olive:

- Started my stop watch exactly as I stepped off the plane in Mexico to see exactly how long I am away for! Although Olive does it still count when your phone is off??!

-Throughout my trip I am going to add every time zone that I pass through in order in the world clock on my phone. Although looking at it right now is just making me more tired and I've only got London, Atlanta & Mexico!

Anyway Patron here I come