Sunday, 30 October 2011

San Cristobal

After a long & hungover bus ride (13 hours I think!) I crossed region into Chiapas and arrived in the picturesque and mountainous town of San Cristobal.

The town sits at 1900m above sea level which is amazing for the views, however not so amazing temperatures at night. On my first night it reached 0, which is fur coat weather and I only have a cardigan!

Chiapas still has a very high population of Mayans and within the region they speak something like over 15 languages, incredible!
Although also nightmare when I'm still trying to brush up on my Spanish let alone Tzotzil!

The women still wear very traditional dress across the city which was really interesting to see - haven't got any photos as they find people taking photos offensive, but wish I could have! Amy, you would have loved them, the colours and patterns were amazing!

So I spent my first day wandering the colonial town and taking in the views and culture (well trying anyway!)

WARNING more photos of buildings & churches below!

The last one shows San Cristobals answer to Oxford Street!