Friday, 4 November 2011

Agua Azul & Misol Ha

So I left San Cristobal early the next morning in search of better clims and people with better fashion sense and headed to the jungle town of Palenque!

It was hot hot hot and super humid which made a nice change but the mosquitos were out in force!

Had a super early start and left the hostel at 6am but that meant I could visit some more of Chiapas on the way.

So en route stopped at some amazing waterfalls: Agua Azul & Misol Ha for a little swim & paddle!

Agua Azul is a tiered cascade waterfall and you can walk up to the various viewing platforms for different views.

Whereas Misol Ha is a really high steep drop waterfall (35m) in the middle of the jungle! This one was pretty cool because you can walk almost through the waterfall to stand underneath it...