Thursday, 17 November 2011


After a few days on Caye Caulker, with my first taste of a Caribbean island slightly satisfied and after my bank balance had taken a heavy beating, I headed to Guetemala and over my first land border crossing. This literally consisted of a tiny hut on the side of the road where you have to show your passport!

I headed for the little town of Flores which is an island centred on the middle of a lake with amazing views (although they would have been better if it wasn't so cloudy!)

As we were so close to the jungle, there was wildlife galore and the hostal that I stayed in was literally like a pet shop and even had a live-in Parrot!

I spent the first day wandering the town, taking in the views and swimming in the surprising warm lakes.

I also came across my first real glimpse of Christmas with a giant Christmas tree in the town main square. To celebrate the lights being switched on, there was a local festival on Saturday night, where literally every local and the whole of the neighbouring towns turned out and were located in a square about the size of a back garden! Hectic does not cover it!