Thursday, 24 November 2011

La familia en Guetamala!

So while at Spanish school I opted for a home stay with a Guetamalan family to practice my Spanish and really get to know what it's like to live here!

The family I was assigned to were really sweet, although they spent the first few days laughing at my very poor Spanish!

There were about 8 people living in the house and throughout the week I still didn't work out the relationships of all the people! What I did figure out was that the mums name was Gladis and she had 3 children; Mario who is 15, Berenice who is 11 and Isaac who is 3 (although I think he was adopted). Then there was also a cousin from America and the grandad living there. On top of that were 2 youngish women and I have no idea who they were to anyone!!

Xela & the house was bloody freezing all week and I was sleeping with about 5 blankets per night just to stop shivering!

The family lead quite a simple life and they pretty much stay in the house all day just milling around, with the main event of everyday being the meal times. Some evenings we watched films but mostly we just sat around. Think I would go out of my mind living there for longer than a week - but everyone seemed pretty happy which I suppose is all that matters.

The grandad was really sweet and he helped me with my Spanish and we studied together. He even tested me on my verb pronouncation!

I couldn't get a photo with all the family but I got a few shots to show my adopted family in Guatemala - well for a week at least!


P.s. I didn't have the heart to tell them that they were actually swearing at the camera rather than making the peace sign...!