Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Bay Islands - Roatan

After a couple of days in Copan, it was time to get back to the beach and hit the Caribbean again.

Shame that it was rainy season and there was about 1 day of sun in about 2 weeks!

I headed to the Bay Islands and my first stop was Roatan.

It's a pretty expensive place as alot of the Caribbean cruise ships stop off at the island and so prices are not so backpacker friendly!

I had a hilarious few days staying with my friend Kate, who I had met previously in Mexico and now lives & works in Roatan as a dive instructor. We drank Bloody Marys for breakfast, gossiped and chilled out waiting and hoping for the sun to come out - ha!

It was so nice to be staying in an actual house with home comforts and hot water. The house was also right on the beach and had an amazing sea view!

I stayed there just chilling and getting any tiny patch of sun that I could soak up - which was very little, but had an amazing few days!

Thanks for having me Kate...