Monday, 26 December 2011

Night Dive

So after completing my PADI the dive centre give you 'fun dives' to get a couple more dives into your log book to enjoy the underwater environment more!

For my fun dive I choose to do the night dive and I was petrified in the lead up and even more so on the boat to the dive site. When you get on the boat it's pitch black and then you have to step off into the ocean which is pitch black too, so it's pretty daunting..


The site we visited was Moon hole (18m) - underwater 43 mins

It's so funny because all of the fish are just chilling on the bottom of the sand asleep!

At one point we all sat on the bottom of the ocean covered our torches and just watched up at the sky and there were so many floating sea luminescence. When you waved your hand in front of you, the luminescence trailed what you were doing and lit up where your fingers had been, it was kinda magical to just play with them in the pitch black!