Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tour of Granada

So on the bus crossing the border I bumped in 2 ladies (Pam & Chanelle) that I had actually met when I was drunk in Utila...and we decided to all head to travel together to Granada as our first stop in Nicaragua.

After the longest day on a bus, we arrived in Granada which reminded me ALOT of Antiqua as it was a very similar colonial town.

To get a good view of the thousands of churches (!) we took a horse drawn carriage tour of the city, the lake (Lago de Nicaragua) and the active volcano - Monbacho. It was cute!

Within the lake there are also 365 islands that were created from a massive volcano eruption 10,000 years ago, so we took a boat trip to check them out.

The islands vary massively in size, but many are privately owned by the mega rich people in Nicaragua with insane holiday homes & houses built on them - jealous much!

There is also a little fishermans island, 'monkey island', and islands that are so tiny you couldn't walk on them!

At monkey island, there are just these 5 random monkeys living in the trees there! God knows how they got there because this island is in the middle of a massive lake and not close to anything else!

1 of the monkeys, 'Lucy' (haaa) came into the boat and sat with us, which was hilarious but you have to hang onto your bag & stuff so tight because they always steal things to play with!