Saturday, 17 December 2011

Open water dives

So it came to the time to get into the water and do some proper dives - eeeeeek!

The boat left the dock at the hostel at 7am every morning so everyone was always up super early to prepare all of the equipment and cram themselves into their wetsuits.

All of these dives are geared up to get you used to all the equipment, learn the underwater sign language, get tested and observed on skills (e.g taking your mask off underwater, breathing tricks with your regulator etc), whilst also looking at the amazing environment so it's pretty intense especially as you are still adapting to being underwater so deep - my ears still have water in them!

Just to give a little run down of the dive sites that I visited over the 4 dives...

Little Bight (12m) - underwater for 42 mins with skills

Black coral wall (12m)- underwater 54 mins

Teds point (18m) - underwater 40 mins with compass skills & emergency ascent practice

Moon hole (18m) - underwater 41 mins

All the dives were amazing and I saw loads of amazing sea life & corals including puffer fish, lobsters, turtles, jellyfish, eels & more - so wish I had an underwater camera!

Oh and the average water temperature was about 27 degrees with most days it actually being warmer in the sea because of the rain! Not too shabby....