Saturday, 17 December 2011

Karaoke Friday!

As a now qualified diver and what with it being a Friday, I wanted to go out and celebrate.

The only way people on Utila know what day it is, is by reference to how many days you are away from Tequila Tuesday & Karaoke Friday, so another night that is kind of a big deal!

In true Utila fashion everyone goes to karaoke Friday and in true smashed fashion everyone claims they aren't gonna sing until they have had a few rums and it suddenly becomes a good idea, myself included!

Had a very funny night and while at the bar I met the famous 'Dr Jon' (the only doctor on the island) - who constantly (even at 4am!) wears swimming or motorbike goggles, no top, army trousers and massive boots! He is usually a mess and pretty smashed, causing trouble, but apparently is the best doctor in Honduras?! Which is very hard to believe when you see the state of him!

Just another smashed night on Utila... At this point I was starting to see a slight pattern or theme emerging to my stay here, ha!