Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cruise to Utila

After experiencing the luxuries of living in a proper house, I was reluctant to move onto my next stop - Utila, but was also excited to see what it had to offer as I had heard many many good things about the island (and the partying!).

From Roatan there are no main boats or ferries that travel between the 2 islands, however there is a guy - Captain Vern, who owns a private catamaran that cruises between the islands and you can jump onboard (for a not very small fee!)...

The trip takes between 3-4 hours and the sun was out the whole time making it nice to sit outside on the front of the boat and look for ocean wildlife.

We arrived to Utila just in time for sunset - perfect!

As soon as I stepped on land I bumped into some hilarious Canadian guys (the Stefans) that I have travelled with at a few places along my route. I dumped my bag at the hostel and we started drinking cocktails straight away - nothing like exploring and spending your first night in a new place smashed!