Friday, 2 December 2011

Sunrise at Indian Nose

Monday morning started bright & early with a 3.15am wake up call - yuk!

But with a good reason - to climb the Indian Nose mountain to watch active volcanos for sunrise.

To get there, I took a local 'chicken bus' which essentially is a pimped out & painted old American school bus packed with soooo many Guetamalans that you can barely move!

After a 30 min super steep walk up (good job I managed to buy some sub standard walking boots to replace my other ones!), we arrived at the view and it was amazing - with the active volcanos, the lake below which kinda looked like a cloud and the sun slowly coming up over it all.

To make it even more magical, we built a fire to keep warm as it was so so cold.

I was back at the hostel by 8am feeling like it was about 4 in the afternoon and ready for a nap...