Thursday, 1 March 2012

12 litres of free rum - standard Monday!

Monday night (and actually Wednesday & Friday too) at our hostel turned out to be rum night, which meant that the hostel gave us all 12 litres of free rum and coke to drink, starting at 6pm.

After having a well rested weekend and a couple of early nights, we were ready to have a good night and get to know the people in our hostel. It was really sociable and everyone got involved and bonded over a few drinks which was really nice.

So after successfully polishing off the 12 litres (and actually a few more afterwards), we headed out slightly forgetting that it was Monday and for the 'real world' in Quito this does not equal drinking and partying! Everywhere was pretty quiet but we still had loads of fun all together.

Chanelle and I were in a world of constant giggling and laughing for the night. We also had some really funny guys in our room Keyoren & Sam, who along with Alice, made the night even more hilarious!

Apparently (as we later found out) there was an earthquake in Quito that night. Not sure how strong it was, but turns out we were all too smashed to notice. Whoooooops!

We barely slept as we were having so much fun in the room and were just constantly making each other laugh all night. We would all fall quiet for a few minutes then someone would make a joke and the laughter would start all over again! It was like we were having a proper old school sleepover with the 5 of us!

Very funny and brilliant night!