Tuesday, 13 March 2012

And Then It Was Carnaval...

We took some beach time for the first couple of days to settle into the town and get a feeling for what it was all about before the real celebrations began. We were all determined to make the most of our last few days together as we knew it was coming to the time to split up again. I needed to head to Peru as I was running out of time in South America. This made me even more determine to make the most of the hot weather since I knew I had to leave the coast soon and head for the cold high altitude weather in most of Peru. Although, we actually were all thinking the same as Chanelle was headed home soon and wanted a nice tan. Alice was spending another week or so in Ecuador before heading to Peru a little behind me. And we were not looking forward to saying goodbye, again!

Despite our want to relax and tan, the town was even hectic these few days before with people everywhere and it just got busier and busier with the roads packed with a constant crush of people. Camping was also allowed on the beach, so tents began to pop up in every square inch available. I really wonder what Montañita is like on a normal day to day basis as this was crazy!

Originally I had planned to be in Rio for this time, but everything triples in price over Carnaval and I could have easily spent $1500 in 1 week there, which I could not afford to do! We had thought that Montañita would be a similar vibe with people in costume, decorations and feathers and glitters everywhere. But really it was just like being in Kavos for a summer holiday with an excuse to party.

The whole atmosphere was really fun at first and we had lots of laughs! But it did get tiring quite quickly, as everyday we were bombarded by men drowning us (fully clothed) in the street with buckets of water! Failing attacking us with water, we were sprayed head to toe with foam spray cans - 3 white ladies being the prime target of course!

After our warm up beach days, CARNAVAL weekend really began (Friday - Monday) and it was a hectic blur of funny days running into each other. We spent our time moving between the beach and cocktail alley - a tiny street filled with cocktail bars all playing the loudest different music and competing with each other!

Throughout the day we made brief pit stops at the hostel then out to party with the masses until the sun came up - amazing. There were quite a few clubs to choose from which we did go to but mostly we danced and drank at the beach parties.

Our hangovers led us to a daily quest for bloody marys with cocktail alley having a distinct lack on the menu! It became an important mission to help continue to party and get ready for re-smash! Our hunt was semi successful with us finding somewhere selling them, but they were the worst ever and not even worth it!

To overcome the lack of tomato juice on sale to make our own, we struggled through the days by making fresh fruity cocktails in the blender spiced with a bottle (or 2) of rum. The lady who owned the hostel even joined in and started drinking with us at 2pm - ledge!

This pattern continued until we physically couldn't handle anymore drinking and partying. By the third day, we were kind of over the party, fiesta atmosphere. Also at this point the town was an absolute mess, the entire place stank of sewage with rubbish filling the sea and the beaches. It seems Ecuadorians aren't too bothered about littering!

It was time and we knew we HAD to get out and flee Carnaval before we got sucked into the 4th day....!