Monday, 12 March 2012

The Beach Calls...

After spending about 10 days in the cold, we were ready to get back to the beach for sun, tanning and bikini time.

On Monday morning we got up really early in the hope of making the mammoth journey to the beach without any hitches.

First we had to get a collectivo back down the mountain and our driver was the happiest person ever for a Monday morning. He spent the whole journey beeping every single person and animal he saw and waving enthusiastically at them, this probably added about 1/2 an hour onto the journey! As you can imagine, our moods were not quite up to his standard, being up at 6 when you don't like the mornings...

Once we finally got the to bus terminal, we caught the bus to Guayaquil which is the largest city in Ecuador, even bigger than Quito. The bus took about 6 hours and we knew we still had quite a long way to go to get to the coast. The bus terminal was insanely busy but luckily we managed to find the right bus out of 100 booths selling tickets to different places.

We headed to Puerto Lopez which is a little beach town near the Machalilla National Park and finally arrived around 6pm, just in time to watch sunset on the beach with a cerveza!