Friday, 9 March 2012

Hot springs

The next day after a nice lie in, we went to the local market and had a traditional, delicious and massive lunch for $2. Yum!

From the bus stop just outside the market, we hopped on a local bus to get to the hot springs which are just outside of town.

There were a range of pools from bloody freezing cold, to ones like a hot bath. All the water is natural and from the mountains, but they are not rustic like the ones we went to in Panama as these were in a little complex kind of like a swimming pool. And they make everyone wear shower caps to protect the water - hilarious!

I spent most of the time in the warmest one and found the patch where the water comes from the rocks. It's so hot here that it bubbles and almost burns, but it felt good especially as most places we had been staying only had cold showers.

After our relaxing afternoon, we wanted to spice things up a little and go for a colonic irrigation (!) at a really nice spa outside of town. We had heard this was the place to do it as it cost us only $8 and at home they are about £80!

So once we had checked in for our treatments, we went on a spiritual and healing bare foot walk through the gardens which was lovely as the setting was amazing.

It was then time for the clonic! Again it was slightly strange as all 3 of us were in this long room together which had 3 toilet cubicles in it. You then go into a little side room to have the actual treatment! I won't go into much detail about that, but if you wanna know about it, ask me when I'm home!

Afterwards (I think to help overcome the shock etc) we had some herbal tea and fruit and were sent on our way!