Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Centre of the Earth

After having barely slept, we were all feeling pretty rough and tired but we wanted to do something with the day, rather than being confined to our room with mammoth hangovers!

So we ventured out on a very hungover trip to the Mitad Del Mundo (or as we nicknamed it, The Centre of the Earth). This is where the equator line sits and you can be in the northern & southern hemisphere at the same time.

It's all a bit strange (standard) as the line that they have painted is actually 600m off to the true Equator line...?!

So we did the tourist thing and had our photo taken straddling the 'line'!

The whole thing was a little over hyped and we found it a little underwhelming, especially as the line is wrong! But perhaps we were just not in the right frame of mind to appreciate it or we were expecting too much.

It was worth the visit just to see what it was all about though. And to chase the llamas round that live there in an attempt to get a photo!