Sunday, 11 March 2012

More Mountains

At the bus station we got on a bus to Guaranda which was a mountain town about 2 hours away.

The bus ride took us through the snow capped mountains which was really eery and the scenery was like we were on the moon!

As we arrived in Guaranda of course it started to rain and it was torrential! We wanted to catch a collectivo (a truck where you sit on the back) to a tiny town called Salinas which higher up in the mountains (3550m high) and is famous for chocolate, cheese and salami!

We luckily found a collectivo quite quickly which was empty meaning we could sit inside and escape the rain for the journey. Apparently it was too good to be true though as after about 15 mins of driving, the truck got stuck on a hill, we think it was because it ran out of gas! Just our luck - I'm sure every journey we go on has some kind of mishap in one way or another!

After about 20 mins of waiting for the driver to try and sort the problem, we flagged down another truck which was going past. But obviously it was rammed with people and stuff, so we had to sit half in half out, getting wet with our backpacks precariously placed!

By this point we were pretty fed up (perhaps an understatement!) and just hoped to get somewhere we didn't hate when we arrived!