Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pisco Tour

During my day of strolling in Huacachina, I met a local who decided that I would be his 'sister' for the weekend. I was friendly enough to him, but kind of skeptical as to what he wanted.

But he was friends with the locals who ran the tour agencies and wangled me a huge discount on a tour of a Pisco winery (or more correctly little distilling factory) for the evening which was delightfully nicknamed 'the shit faced tour'.

I was just heading out for the tour, from my hostel when 2 new ladies arrived in my room - Charlie & Soph. I invited them to come with me super last minute and it turned out to be hilarious!

When we arrived at the winery, we squashed the grapes with our feet in a giant vat, which was soooo disgusting, especially when it got mushed between my toes. Eurgh, just thinking about it makes me feel weird!

We then got the opportunity to taste the Pisco and sure enough it tasted like feet, and that wasn't just my imagination!

The rest of the night consisted of going to the nearby 'bar', which was just some guys garage next to the winery that had a few plastic chairs and some reggaetone playing ridiculously loudly over the sound system. Kinda weird but ended up having a hilarious night getting drunk with Charlie & Soph.