Monday, 19 March 2012

Recovery Pit Stop

As I said, on Monday we were up to our limit with drinking, partying and no sleep from the noisy main road (which had a constant traffic jam with horns beeping all weekend!)... And we just wanted out of Montañita ASAP!

So we packed our bags and decided to head out of the town with a few people we had met over Carnaval weekend.

The Druncles had recommended a little town about 25 mins away called Ayampe which they described to be just like Gigante - perfect, relaxing and quiet, just what the doctor ordered after the days we had had!

As we were on the bus out of Montañita, we had an overwhelming sense of freedom come over us. We had survived and escaped Carnaval!

When we arrived in Ayampe, we spent a while looking around for a place which had space for 5 people (Chanelle, Alice and I with Kevin and Emerson) as it was an Ecuadorian bank holiday! In the boiling heat we found a nice little hostel with a restaurant attached where we could eat, talk and relax in peace without being covered in foam, a bucket of water or having to shout over each other. Heaven after our few days...

We spent a brief afternoon on the beach enjoying the more relaxed environment and preparing ourselves for the 2nd emotional group split that was to come the next day...