Monday, 12 March 2012

A Rush to Montañita

The next morning we got chatting to some locals about the weekend that was to come - CARNAVAL! We had already decided that we wanted to be in a party town to celebrate in style and had heard that the beach town of Montañita was 'the place' to be in Ecuador.

We had planned to stay in Puerto Lopez at least another day to explore properly but had been told that if we left it any longer to get to Montañita, we would really struggle to find a hostel, and in true backpacker style we hadn't wanted to book ahead and commit to anything.

So once again we packed our backpacks and rushed to the bus stop to try and make it there at a sensible time to find somewhere to stay in daylight. And we were in luck, the bus journey was only about an hour and we didn't have any travel dramas for a change!

So we wandered around town and went into almost every hostel looking for something that was free and that wasn't $50 per night! We ended up at a really cute little house just a little bit out of town that seemed perfect. Although we soon found out that as it was on the main road, it was soooo noisy and we could barely sleep through it!

Once we got settled we headed straight for the beach to begin re-working on our tans!