Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eco Hostel

The little hostel we were staying in was pretty magical and apart from leaving for the beach each morning and a short trip to the supermarket each evening, we were quite content to just hang out there and cook our own food.

There was a good common area with a swimming pool, an outside kitchen and BBQ area. Once we had set up the iPod speakers, it had everything we needed for a good night in. The hostel itself was actually pretty quiet with only a handful of people staying there, but it was nice to just chill, chat to everyone and have a few drinks. The 3 of us also started an ongoing game of Gin Rummy (it's still ongoing with the winner being the first to 1000 points, a challenge for summer at home), which was fun.

Everyday we would wake up and head for breakfast to find the kitchen filled with new, huge avocados - the most delicious you could ever have. When we asked about them, we found out that they grew their own and freshly picked them from the hostel garden which was just next door. They also grew star fruit, papaya and limes, which were just as tasty.

The delicious breakfast was mostly made up of all the fruits and avocados just picked from the garden (that was the best bit) but everyday we also had fresh juice, bread rolls, cheese, muesli and a tiny square of cake!

The staff were all really friendly and would often come and chill with us all in the kitchen in the evenings.

We LOVED it there from the first night ....! Oh and it had a cat which was the icing on the cake for Anna, who fell in love with her.