Monday, 7 May 2012

Ilha Grande

After our rainy day, we woke up to sunshine again in Ubatuba. We took advantage with breakfast outside in the sun before packing our bags to head off to catch the bus.

It was only a few hours on the bus, which took us briefly through Paraty. Originally we had thought we might spend a few days here, but Ubatuba sucked us in for more time than expected! We were due to catch a boat over to Ilha Grande at 3.30pm and arrived about an hour before it was leaving.

We just relaxed in a bar near the port, with a Caipirinha (can you see a pattern emerging here?!) before getting on just before it left.

The scenery was really nice with jungle filled islands dotted all over the horizon. It had clouded over slightly by this point and the boat was actually a little cold. I didn't really see too much of the scenery after the first 10 minutes as I fell asleep, but I was told it was nice!

We arrived in Ilha Grande around 5.30pm and began the search for somewhere to stay. An amazing part of the island is that it is free of cars, buses and rickshaws. Something we would appreciate much more when we weren't lugging our backpacks up and down the beach finding a hostel. Actually I say this, but Anna had the smallest backpack in the world and VV's was half full, so I was the only one carrying a completely unnecessary amount of stuff.

We found a little hostel set right on the shore and overlooking the beach bay and mini port. It was a beautiful setting and we could hear the water lapping at the rocky walls while we enjoyed another good few Caipirinhas.

Anna had another early night as she was still not feeling 100% and didn't want to overdo it, especially after drinking a few cocktails already. But VV and I set off along the beach to have a look at the tiny town on the waterfront. I had been told that it was a bit of a party island and seeing as it was Thursday night, we thought there would be something going on.

First of all we stopped in the main square, and what I can only described as a pack of dogs where loitering around. I stupidly sat down to put my shoes on after the beach walk and a bloody dog jumped on me - think it was going for a mount. Naturally I screamed while pushing it off; all the locals looked, laughed and VV found it hilarious!

After the town square incident, we got out of there sharpish and started to have a wander around for an hour or so. We quickly decided this was not the place for a party. Everywhere was either shut or very quiet, but we still found a couple of nice places to sit and have some drinks.

We called it a day around 1am and headed on the beach route home complete with picturesque moonlight!