Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lopes Mendes Beach

As I mentioned the island is free from cars and rickshaws etc meaning that the only real way to travel is either by hiking through the jungle or getting on a boat.

The next morning we arranged for a boat pick up to take us to what is classed as the most beautiful beach on Ilha Grande.

The boat ride in itself was lovely going around the island and going past all the other different little islands scattered nearby. Again it was slightly cloudy on the trip, but we were hopeful it would clear up by the time we got there.

After about 40 minutes on the boat we moored up at a little idyllic beach with crystal clear waters and not much in sight apart from a floating bar just off the shore. This was picturesque enough and we werent even at the famous beach yet!

To get there we had a mini 20 minute hike through a jungle trail, which like the one in Ubatuba, it was a minefield of bugs, mosquitos and things just lurking around waiting to bite us.

Poor Anna still wasn't feeling good and was dosed up on painkillers and antiseptic mouthwash. But getting to Lopes Mendes beach was just what she needed. Not only was it like something from a postcard, but it was also so peaceful. When we arrived after 5 minutes or so of 'wowwwing', we all sat down to take it in and relaxed so much that we fell asleep for a few hours listening to the waves.

Again the beach was free from touristy stuff with just a little guy selling beers and snacks from a cool-box, which suited us just fine.

We had to catch the last boat back to the other side which was at 5pm so around 4.15 we packed up and headed off back through the jungle path. This time it was more downhill walking so seemed much more enjoyable!

When we got to the dock, we rewarded ourselves with a beer on the floating bar.

The boat trip back was just as lovely, although we spent less time looking at the scenery and more time playing cards!

Another day in Brazilian paradise...