Monday, 7 May 2012

Fallen In Love With Ubatuba

The night of the Acai trip, there was a HUGE thunder, lightening and rain storm which was really crazy to watch especially as it came directly overhead of us.

The rain continued solidly the next day and even our best efforts of heading to the beach anyway didn't clear it away. This was mostly to see if I could retrieve my lost sunglasses, but no luck as everything was shut due to the storm. After a wasted trip, we all headed back to town soaking wet. Anna was still feeling pretty rough and I was sad about my sunglasses so poor VV had 2 grumpy ladies on his hands!

Solution: Rum and cards of course! This pulled us all through and we were all happy again by midday.

We took the opportunity that afternoon to brave the rain and head out for a proper walk around Ubatuba town. As I said we hadn't seen much as we spent so much time at the hostel, so it was good to see what was out of our 2 block radius to and from the supermarket and bus stop.

On the rest of my travels I had considered that rain meant it was time to leave, but this time I found myself asking 'Does rain mean we HAVE to leave?'. I think we could have all stayed there for 2 weeks easily, although the pull towards Rio was pretty strong!

We made a decision to have just one more night and leave the next morning, no matter what the weather, in an attempt to see more of Brazil than just 1 town and 1 beach.

We had all officially fallen in love with Ubatuba....