Monday, 7 May 2012

Mikey - Mr Ubatuba

So I have briefly mentioned Mikey, who we jammed with, but he was such a highlight of our time in Ubatuba that I felt like he deserved his own post!

First to mention is that in looks and the way he was, he really reminded us of Ben Stiller - hopefully you can see what I mean from the photo.

When we started chatting to him, we didn't know how to take him, was he serious and genuinely didn't realise how funny he was or was he constantly trying to be funny in a dry Ben Stiller type way...?!

We soon realised that his slow talking, enthusiasm for everything and believing in everyone was just the way he was. But he always managed to give his outlook a hilarious spin!

Just a couple of 'Mikey Moments' to jog my memory when looking back:

- During one of our first chats, he showed Chris a photo of a sandwich he had made earlier, which was essentially a plastic giraffe on a piece of bread!

- 'No, no that wasn't today, it was a day very close to today' - talking about what he had been doing yesterday!

- 'The Guac off' with the abundance of avocados, everyone at the hostel was constantly making their own version to be tasted and tested by others (not to boast but ours was pretty good).
On day 3 Mikey having never made guacamole before stormed in and made the best one yet with a new secret recipe ingredient which had just come to him in some kind of vision - and it was delicious!

- He gave us instructions and directions to get to the rope swing and slide at the beach by giving a full mimed demonstration complete with actions and sound fx. My favourite was him swoooshing through the air.

- His love and chat about Acai, one night he even took us out for us to try it. It's a Brazilian speciality, which is a superfood berry that they freeze with sugar and flavourings to make a slushy and serve with fruits. VV and I thought it was delicious, Anna however thought it was possibly the worst thing she had ever tasted!

I think it may be a case of 'you had to be there' to appreciate how funny and genuinely nice he was. He definitely kept us entertained and laughing almost constantly!