Sunday, 6 May 2012

Jammin' With Mikey (And Some Brazilians)

After our first day at the beach we headed to the supermarket to stock up on some supplies for the next few days as we wanted to spend our evenings at the hostel.

While we were out a group of Brazilian guys had checked in as they had missed their bus back to Sao Paulo. They were complete with guitars, bongo drums and harmonicas and wanted to spend the night jammin' with Mikey. A guy who worked at the hostel (again more to follow on him later!) and was actually a musician.

After dinner we all got chatting over numerous beers and rum! After a few hours we all went to the garage and had a little jammin' session with a mixture of Brazilian and famous English songs! Anna and I mostly sat, watched and laughed along while the others played. VV had brought his harmonica to Brazil and was determined to learn to play better, this being the perfect opportunity.

We drank and laughed ALOT and was one of the funniest nights in ageeees!