Saturday, 5 May 2012

Praia De Prumirim

On Sunday morning, we got up pretty early as we were all determined to make the most of the sun and the free breakfast at the hostel.

The beach in Ubatuba itself is actually quite small with the waves breaking almost at the pathway, leaving not much space to sit. But we weren't bothered by this, as we had heard that there were hundreds of beautiful beaches in the surrounding area.

The ladies working at our hostel were so nice and we got talking to them about our day to see what they could recommend. There seemed to be an outstanding winner which was a favourite with the locals - Praia De Prumirim.

We caught a local bus from the centre of town, which was a bit of an adventure in itself as obviously Brazil is Portuguese speaking and I had been used to Spanish for the past few months. Luckily as a back up we had a little hand drawn map from the hostel lady, so we could just show the driver and hope he told us to get off at the right place! It was about a 20 min bus ride, but it was beautiful going along the coastal line and turning corners to see new bays and coves.

When we got off the bus, we had a short walk through the local neighbourhood before getting to the beach. The houses were incredible and we couldn't help peek through the fences at the mansions en route. Then the last part of the walk was through a little jungle path and the darkness of the trees only built up our excitement to see the beach.

It was an AMAZING long bay looking across to an island with soft sand and clear water. There were a couple of small bars scattered along slightly hidden in the trees and some areas of the sand were decorated with old school deckchairs and umbrellas. As it was Sunday the beach was 'busy' with Brazilians, but in total there must have been no more than 40 people on the whole beach.

We quickly relaxed, having a beer (or possibly 5), Caipirinhas and delicious fresh seafood in the sun. It clouded over slightly in the afternoon, but we didn't care and stuck it out until around 5.30pm when we had to catch the bus back into town.

By the end of the day, there was the classic 'first day in the sun' syndrome - VV and Anna got a little burnt. I tried not to be smug with my tan, but that lasted all of 5 minutes before I was gloating about how I wasn't lobster coloured!