Saturday, 5 May 2012


As I said, we had an easy morning making the most of the hotel facilities and Anna had suggested that we dress up nicely for breakfast (oh and requested that I washed my hair, ha!). The hotel was pretty nice and brekkie was served in the restaurant and was a huge buffet of fruits, cereals and cooked - we both wanted to make the most of it before heading back into backpacker lifestyle so eventually went down around 9am.

Since Anna arrived, she had been acting a little strange but I guessed it was because she was nervous about flying on her own and hadn't really settled down afterwards. I also noticed that she was texting her 'dad' an awful lot but didn't think too much of it.

Half way through the buffet, I had got up to get another bowl of fruit to counter balance the delicious cheesy balls, of which I had eaten about 30! When I turned back around to walk to the table and I saw a boy sitting with Anna. At first I was thinking it was someone trying to make friends, then as I got a little closer I realised he was dressed nicely and didn't look very Brazilian! Taking a few steps closer and it suddenly hit me that it was VV, just sat there chilling at our table IN BRAZIL! I was so confused and don't think I reacted very well and in a restaurant full of people all I could manage to say was 'what the f*ck is going on here' - I then hugged him and sat in shock for about 20 minutes not saying much at all. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh but so happy to see him!

He and Anna had planned that he would fly out to Brazil a day after Anna to surprise me for a holiday!! They had kept it a massive secret from everyone at home so that word wouldn't slip and the surprise would be ruined! So when Anna was texting her 'dad' she was actually getting updates of where he was and how close to the hotel he was for the surprise!

We were all gonna be in Brazil for 2 weeks and I was now even more excited than before (although still in shock)! Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk....

The shock didn't settle down for probably the next 24 hours, but to try and conquer it we headed for a quick walk in Sao Paulo to find some beers. By this point it was about 10.30am, but had been one of the best mornings on my trip so far!

Best surprise ever