Monday, 7 May 2012

The Famous Slide & Rope Swing

Waking up a little hungover after our jammin' session, we had the freshly picked breakfast and headed back to the same beach we had been the day before. We just loved it so much, we didn't want to have to compare it to somewhere else. The beach was just as amazing the second time around, but today the weather was even better with it being sunny all day. This actually meant quite a bit of sitting in the shade to avoid our skin frying and any further burning....!

Anna had been feeling a little ill all morning and by the afternoon she had tipped over the edge into full blown sick with swollen tonsils and a high temperature. Exactly what you don't want when your on holiday! We headed back to the hostel and Anna went to bed for an early night. While VV and I stayed up and had another funny night pretty similar to the one before with drinks and cards.

The next day, Anna decided to spend at the hostel sleeping in the hope of making a quicker recovery. We had all agreed that giving up 1 day was better in the long term as she didn't want to to sick for the whole 2 weeks. Also to be honest none of us were quite ready to leave Ubatuba and this gave us an excuse to stay even 1 night longer!

As creatures of habit, VV and I headed back to Praia De Prumirim, but first we thought we would check out the famous rope swing and water slides that Mikey had raved about. We asked him for directions there which lead to another funny Mikey moment (following on from the mimed actions) with him drawing us a map, complete with sketches of us both having fun on the slide and swing!

The slide was fun and we both had a go, although the water at the bottom was pretty cold. It was then time for the rope swing, which I had decided I wasn't brave or strong enough for. You had to climb some rocks with the rope, then jump and hold your body weight as high as possible before finding the exact landing spot where the water was deep enough. VV gave it a go though and survived! I watched and took some photos and one of them is one my favourite holiday snaps with VV in full Tarzan mode... and I managed to perfectly cut his head off!! By the time he was off the ground, I had closed my eyes and was screaming rather than focusing on the photo taking!!

When we arrived at the swing, it was cloudy but by the time we got to our amazing beach spot the sun was shining with no clouds in the sky.

Again our afternoon consisted of beers, seafood, tanning and cards - perfect. Actually by the time we left, I was feeling pretty drunk and managed to loose my new sunglasses at the beach - which naturally I moaned about everyday for the next 2 weeks. Think Anna and VV were secretly pleased though as they thought they made me look like John Lennon!

We caught our now 'regular bus' back to town, and wanted to go and check on Anna to see how she was feeling. And the answer was crap! Although the hostel lady did manage to lure her out of bed for an hour or so as she had cooked her some homemade veggie soup. Literally the nicest place and people...

That night VV and I headed out with Mikey for our Acai trip while Anna had another early night. We did bring her some takeaway Acai, which Mikey ended up eating as she hated it!