Sunday, 29 April 2012

Like a Kid at Christmas

Anna had booked our first nights accommodation in Sao Paulo and had only gone and booked an actual hotel room - complete with hot water, white fluffy towels and pillows, even a flat screen tv and a pool!

When we checked in and got into our room I did the only thing which seemed logical - jumped up and down on the beds for a while!

Anna had lugged a little parcel with goodies from home for me too. By this point I was literally like a kid at Christmas! Included in parcel was:
- Dairy Milk caramel (about 5 bars and a pack of buttons)
- Thai sweet chilli sensations
- Black eyeliner
All from Anna, but I also had a few little cards and presents from some of the girls at Wax.
- Invite for Jo's wedding
- Vogue from Lucy
- Hair conditioner from Jess
- Probiotics and hot cross buns from Pip

THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH, literally made me so happy! Little things from home when you are travelling really do make all the difference!

We just chilled at the hotel that night and treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails (our first Caipirinha), some Brazilian beer and some dinner before heading to the room to take the longest, hottest shower and crawl into bed. We had both had long days travelling but more so Anna who had been up for over 24 hours.

The next morning, we were even too excited to sleep and started gossiping at 4.30am! Note the time on the clock in the photo, we had already been up 2 hours and decided it was an acceptable time to paint our toe nails!

We slowly got dressed, tried to kill time and make a plan for our 2 weeks until it was a suitable hour for breakfast.