Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cartagena by light

Cartagena by light had the same magic and feeling the next day as we took in the city in the boiling hot sunshine.

It was good to be in the hustle & bustle of a busy city, but it had a completely different feeling and vibe to Panama. It is a walled city and the wall is built out of sea debris & shells etc which is pretty cool to look at up close. The city is beautiful and felt very European, it actually reminded me ALOT of Lucca in Italy- Holly you would have loved it!

We explored the old town, the business district & even the beach at the far end of town. Being on a backpacker budget we obviously stayed in the less glamourous part of town, the red light district, which was an experience in itself!

The boat crew all hung out together and had a few drinks every evening we were there, before the majority of us would move onto our next destination together to continue the party!