Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yo Soy Colombia

A few days into my time in Colombia, something that struck me was that the people are so happy that you are there, travelling and enjoying in their country.

After so many years of the country being deemed dangerous, the residents are enjoying their own freedom to travel and love having others travel there too.

A couple of times, we even had people go out of their way to say 'Welcome to Colombia, I hope you enjoy Our beautiful country'... We actually had this shouted out of quite a few car windows!

In Taganga we met a guy who was SO happy that we were experiencing Colombia, that he gave us all reminders and 'thank you' presents representing the Colombian flag...

It was really refreshing to have people feel happy to see westerners travelling, rather than getting cat called and hearing the 'gringo' whisper under the breath of most locals - which is what we had become accustomed to by now!