Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ridiculous Bus Ride

The next day we decided we had done enough partying (for the time being) and headed on the overnight bus to Bogota. But not before having a last glass of wine and much laughter with the Druncles!

The bus was due to take 8 hours and arrive in Bogota at about 7am but ended up being the most ridiculous bus journey ever!

The road all the way was a windy lane so we were being thrown all over the place. Oh and there was 3 screaming babies - joy!
Then there was a major accident on the road meaning the only 2 lane road was blocked for a good 2 or so hours. Then after all of that, the bus stopped on the side of a dark road in a dust car park at about 3am for about 3 hours with no idea why?! We wondered if some kind of drug deal was going down with the bus driver!

And actually we are not sure that the driver had any idea where he was actually going. In the morning, we saw a sign for Bogota saying it was 100km away but with 4 hours of solid driving (and no traffic) we still weren't there - it just didn't make any sense!

The whole journey no one said anything to the whole bus about why it was taking so long and if we had diverted our route etc. We were all just left wondering and completely in the dark!

Normally I don't mind getting on silly long bus rides, when you actually know & are prepared for it. But having no idea what was going on and why it had taken so long made it soo frustrating.

Oh and to add to this we didn't stop all day so were all starving with our legs cramping and going dead. You can imagine the moods of us 4 ladies at this point!

So at about 5pm and after 18 hours we eventually arrived, so happy to be finally off the bloody bus!