Wednesday, 29 February 2012


On Sunday, after a well rested night (I had a luxury room with a tv so got into bed early, watched tv and crashed about 10.30pm - rock and roll!) I decided to check out another Andean town close by, Cotachi which is only 20mins away on a local bus. It is renowned for being the leather town so I headed there to check out what was on offer!

It was a cute little town much like Otavalo with most of the local people wearing the traditional dress, but it was on a smaller scale with only 1 main street filled with shops selling handmade leather items.

The majority of it was South American fashion but they did have a few really nice things (like a pony skin bag and a $200 dollar shawl which I completely fell in love with).

After wandering a shopping for a few hours, I bought a few bits and ended up leaving town with only the essentials (!)- a new handbag (Roge I sadly said goodbye to the many pocket bag), a new pair of shoes and a shawl (don't panic, I resisted the amazing but expensive one).

It was about $40 for everything and considering it's all leather, I reckon that's pretty good!

So I got back on the bus with all my shopping, headed back to Otavalo. After picking up my backpack I got a bus straight to Quito. I went in the hope of meeting back up with Chanelle & Alice who had left Colombia the day after me and headed straight there. Sadly Pam was MIA as she had gone to Rosa's farm (the nice lady from Minca), and landed herself a job teaching English for a month!