Saturday, 25 February 2012

Crossing into Ecuador

The bus perhaps for the first time on this trip, actually took the amount of time it was meant to and got me to the border on time (around 9am).

After getting my passport checked and my stamps, I was so close to successfully crossing the border into Ecuador. BUT got asked to go to the police hut and have my bag searched. I'm sure the police guy just wanted to chat and practice his English as he definitely didn't do a thorough search.

He did however search long enough to find the 'cock trump' playing cards (thanks G.O.T for those!) and have a good look through. He actually found them so amusing that he called his friends over to play a quick game with him, whilst pointing and laughing at the photos! Ha. Again thanks for those girls...

Once I was safely over the border, I had another 4 hour bus journey but eventually I arrived safely in the Andean town of Otavalo. It was Friday afternoon so perfect to explore a little before the madness of the market really got going the next day.