Friday, 24 February 2012

An emotional goodbye...

So the next morning we all got up and I had made my mind up about what I was going to do.

I had decided that although I would be super sad to leave the girls (Pam, Chanelle & Alice), I wanted to get moving and try to make it to what is rumoured to be South Americas best market in Otavalo. It is about 2 hours north of Quito so I knew I was in for another long, hardcore bus journey.

I was really sad about leaving the girls and also leaving Colombia because I could have easily spent ALOT more time there. But not only I was up against time, it was also eating away at my money and I wanted to get to Ecuador as its cheaper and save some pennies where possible.

So Thursday morning I booked my cab to the bus station and it arrived even before I had a chance to say a proper goodbye. It was a quick hug and a 'hopefully see you again in Ecuador!' I left the girls sat on the Internet deciding where in Colombia they were going to head to next.

I spent the rest of the morning crying at the bus station and on the bus super sad at our adventure not continuing!