Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Taking advantage of the Metro!

The next day, Saturday, we decided to make full use of the only city in Colombia (or anywhere I had been since Mexico City) to have a Metro and used it to get around to most of the city to get a feeling for the place.

We went for a walk in the Downtown Market area which was an experience as it so sooo packed because it was Saturday.

We then went to one of the few remaining old historic buildings in Medellin (quite a few got bombed and destroyed during the Paoblo Escobar days) which massively stands out because it's patterned grey & black and almost every other building in the city is built only from red brick. Next door to the building is one of the main squares of the city which is full of statues in the style of 'classic Colombian' art - and mostly contains fat women in strange poses!

We then hopped back on the metro and headed up the mountains (Medellin is built on about 4 mountains and the valley at the bottom) in the metro cable car - which was amazing for the views. The further up the mountains we headed, the poorer city seemed and the houses and communities began to look a little more like slums than what we had seen up until that point.

As I said almost all the buildings in Medellin are red brick so the views were pretty amazing with just a sea of red brick wherever you look!

At the very top of the metro, there is a huge nature park and reserve so we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the park and the food market.

A perfect Saturday just wandering around town!