Sunday, 5 February 2012

To the mountains

Minca, our next stop is only mentioned very briefly in the lonely planet as a place to get amazing food, go on walks and relax - sounded bloody perfect so once again we packed our backpacks (I've now got it down to a fine art) and set off for our next adventure!

It sits in the mountains near Santa Marta and has amazing views of the surrounding towns, the ocean and the countryside. I'm a sucker for a view these days...

Our journey there was hilarious as always! We ended up getting a lift in a 4x4 truck which looked like it had survived a hurricane, and barely at that! When we stopped for petrol, which is just a place on the side of the road where they fill your car up with a funnel and a coke bottle, the lady in the front bought 2 bottles to take home with her! Within about 10 mins we were all completely dazed, drowsy and high from gasoline fumes, including the driver!

The fun didn't stop there, as we when we arrived, we had a 20 minute steep uphill hike with our giant backpacks to get to the hostel we wanted to stay at. It was completely worth it though as we could see the whole of Santa Marta from the top.