Thursday, 23 February 2012

Walking Tour of Bogota

After a good nights sleep, we woke up feeling refreshed from the bus journey and were keen to explore Bogota. At 2600m above sea level, this was the first time I had been in a proper altitude since Mexico and wasn't prepared for the cold or the shortness of breath after only a few steps!

We set off pretty early as we wanted to have a full day taking in the city. The 4 of us were unsure of our next stop after Bogota and whether we were going our separate ways, but I was considering moving on the next day to make it to a market in Ecuador for Saturday. So in the back of my mind I only really had 1 day to enjoy Bogota.

We started off with a little walking tour of the main plazas, churches and getting a feel for the old part of the city. One thing we did notice which I hadn't seen anywhere else on my trip was loads of graffiti, not just tagging but really good art (photos to follow). Perhaps even more exciting though, is that we also saw a llama just chilling in one of the plazas, our first for South America!

We then headed to the Gold museum which is famous in Colombia as having the countries best collection. There are gold museums in pretty much every city, and we had avoided them until now! But it ended up being a really interesting display & exhibition. It mostly detailed the different regions of Colombia and how the indigenous people had used gold in different ways to create different tools and the most amazing jewellery! All the tribes believed the more gold, gems and jewellery you wore the better - my thoughts exactly!!

After a few hours of culture, we headed to the funicular (another 500m up) which provides a full view over the city. It was amazing to see how large it was, but the only monuments to really look out for were the stadium and the bull fighting ring. It didn't compare to London with points of interest and things to spot everywhere you look.

We ended the day sat around the fire in the hostel all wondering what we would do the next day and if after all our good times together we might split and go our own way. Always best to sleep on it and decide the next day...