Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snorkelling Tayrona National Park

We had booked to go on a snorkelling/ diving trip to the Tayrona National Park, however the night before we had the bright idea of having a really big night!

So at 8.30am, slightly shaky and hanging, we set off... well actually in the end Chanelle couldn't make it out of bed so it was just Pam and I!

Pam was diving, but because I had only just got the water out of my ears from Utilia, I opted for snorkelling. Also I had checked my bank balance and got scared into watching the pennies!

The boat trip to the park was gorgeous in itself just from the views and it was clear why the area was a national park!

The water at both dive sites was absolutely freezing! I only managed to stay in for 15 minutes or so before I was shivering and my lips were slightly blue! Baring in mind in Utila it was 27 degrees and I was wearing a full body 5mm wetsuit - here I was wearing a short suit, only 3mm and the water was about 20 degrees, brrrrrrrrr!

For the short time I was in the water, I still got to see some amazing corals and sealife. But it actually worked well only staying in the water for a while as I got to do some extra boat tours of the park and even did some fishing with the boat captain while we waited to pick up the divers.