Thursday, 23 February 2012

Medellin VS Cali

On Sunday night, we went with the Druncles to see the first match of the football season, which was Medellin VS Cali. There is a big history between the 2 cities (mostly due to the drug cartels), so it was a pretty important game.

So I ventured to my first ever football match and discovered that the Colombians take it very seriously, although I suppose no more so than back home!

Out of 30,000 people at the stadium, there were only 1000 Cali fans who had shown up to support their team. At first I wondered why, but then it quickly became apparent due to the serious rivalries between the fans. The Cali supporters spent the whole match penned in by riot police, getting mocked, sworn at and chanted to by the crowd. I'm sure half the people at the game where there for that sole purpose and didn't actually watch any football. The Cali supporters also didn't even get to see the end of the match! They missed the last 15 minutes as the police had to escort them out of the stadium and onto buses to try and stop any serious hardcore fighting after the match.

We were obvs supporting Medellin, (especially as one of the Druncles lives there) and they won 4-0, hooray!

After the match we celebrated and continued the 4 day party we appeared to all be on!