Sunday, 29 April 2012

3rd Goodbye to Alice

When we woke up on Thursday morning, we were both feeling alot better so got up relatively early to make the most of our last few hours.

I packed my bag and got everything airport ready, which took longer than normal as I needed to throw a few things away because by this point I was well over the weight allowance. Llama jumpers are not light - ha!

We headed down to the market to get some fruits to eat for an early lunch with some Swiss cheese and crackers we had bought when we first arrived. We wanted to have a mini last supper, which was soooo good after not eating the day before!

After lunch, my taxi arrived around 11.45am and Alice and I said an emotional goodbye to each other for the 3rd time! We definitely wouldn't be bumping into each other again as I was going to Brazil and Alice was heading back up towards Peru for her flight home in a few weeks time.

I had mixed emotions when I drove off in the taxi - I was really sad to be leaving Alice (who stood and waved me off from the hostel doorway), but I was sooooo excited about my next 2 weeks as I was not only headed to Brazil, but Anna was flying in and we had a whole 2 weeks holiday together! Eeeeeeeeeeeek

I arrived at the airport in plenty of time and boarded my flight which was taking me to Santa Cruz, on the other side of Bolivia to get me closer to Brazil. The flight was so short, only about 40 minutes (much better compared to the other option which was a 25 hour bus ride) and it was quite a clear day meaning the views from the plane window were really nice and crisp below the few clouds.