Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One of Many Nights Out in Cusco!

Not much to say about my many nights out in Cusco except that the night of the day of horse riding was the first of many.

Loki is a bit of a crazy hostel and no matter how adamant I was that I didn't want to drink or go out, I would get side-tracked at the bar and suddenly it would be happy hour and rude not to have a drink (or 4), especially as normally the whole hostel was doing the same thing and everyone was really fun. We had a really good group of people made even better because I bumped into my friend Lars, who I had seen loads of places along the way and who I had spent Christmas and New Year with (spot the guy in a superhero costume and red bandana).

The nights out were all hilarious and messy, normally entailing lots of dancing and getting home at around 5am...