Sunday, 29 April 2012

Getting Sick in Sucre

That night Alice and I both felt awful with terrible stomach aches and nausea. This continued when we woke up the next morning and throughout the day. I think we had both caught the weird stomach bug, which apparently was going round the hostel we stayed at in Potosi so we were bound to pick it up.

Rather than spending the day in bed (which we both could have easily done), we went for a light stroll around town taking some photos and hoping the fresh air would make us feel better. Sucre was actually a really modern and beautiful city, particularly when compared to the other places we had visited recently, so we found it really nice to feel a little bit like we were in a familiar environment. We hadn't really experienced that since crossing the border into Bolivia!

In the late afternoon we spent a few well needed hours on the internet catching up on bits we had to do and uploading photos. Travelling life admin!

We finished our day with another light stroll and at least 3 full laps of the 2 supermarkets looking at all of the food we missed and hadn't eaten for ages - just a shame we didn't want to eat any of it as we were feeling so ill. We also stumbled across tomato juice, which we had been searching high and low for since Carnaval. Again typically we found it on a day where there was no way we could stomach a Bloody Mary!

By this point we were both feeling absolutely exhausted and feeling quite weak as we hadn't eaten all day, so decided to call it a day and have an early night.

Not an ideal situation for our last full day together before we were to go our separate ways!