Thursday, 19 April 2012

Witches Market

On one of our exploring walks of the city, we headed to the famous La Paz Witches Market, which sells loads of witch craft esc items including statues, Bolivian herbs, remedies and recipes and items to help with superstitions. There are some really strange things on sale and one lady was even selling fake monopoly looking money - no idea why and I wasn't about to ask!

One of the more disturbing items on sale are baby llama carcasses that have been dried and preserved. Apparently you are meant to bury them under the front step of your house to keep bad spirits out and bless your home. Nick and Gill count yourselves lucky I didn't get you one as a present for your first home!

The market is on a little cobbled street which is jam packed with stalls, shops and people so it was a great city vibe. Also available to buy are some nice locally made handicraft goods and it was good to see what Bolivian specialities are - to be honest it was mostly anything made from llamas! Fur hats and slippers, which looked sooo cosy and comfy, if only they had fit in my bag. Everywhere you look you see knitted llama socks, jumpers, gloves (you name it they knit it complete with mini llamas in the pattern).